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Al Knight

I.T. Manager

Al began his career at a very young age, working for his dad in their family owned oil company located in Windham, ME.  Al was a State licensed Journeyman Oil Burner Technician and fuel oil delivery driver and also delivered and serviced LP gas appliances.  Over the past years, Al was employed as a welder, carpenter, heavy equipment operator and heavy hauling truck driver, building mover, and construction project manager.

Al started his employment with DIRIGO back in 1991 as a part time construction manager.  Since February of 1992, Al has been employed full time and has been involved in many construction projects throughout his years at DIRIGO.  Currently, he is the IT manager and a property manager for some of Dirigo’s maintenance only properties.  Al enjoys building and repairing computers, boating, geocaching, travel, woodworking and is a licensed  scuba diver.

Contact: albert@dirigomgmt.com