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Leading the way in Professional Property Management.

Founded in 1984, Dirigo Management Company is a market leader in both commercial and residential property management. Offering a full array of services to the real estate owner/investor; all departments of the company (management, marketing, consulting, and construction services) collaborate to maximize the owner/investor’s return on investment.

Whether a small commercial multi-tenant retail center or office tower, apartment building or large scale condominium complex owners/investors will benefit equally from our critical mass.

Group Purchase Discounts – Whether negotiating energy costs or insurance rates our multi-million dollar property casualty insurance placement has allowed us to competitively bid and take advantage of all discounts in the insurance industry.

Vendor Loyalty and Depth – While contracts are awarded on the basis of price and quality performance, vendors are assured of volume sales for which they can provide consistent levels of professional service.

In-House Maintenance – Our full-time maintenance personnel are here to provide you with 24-hour on-call service. Their experience, familiarity with the properties, and ability to respond quickly; relieves the owner of stressful situations.

Property Management Account/Reporting Systems – As a manager of thousands of commercial square footage, and hundreds of residential units, our computerized property management systems report to the owner on the basis of real estate performance. This provides an owner of any size property with a comparison to the standards of a larger package.