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Dirigo Management Company is a fully integrated third party management company offering a menu of services to its client base of commercial, residential, and institutional property owners. Dirigo’s team of nearly 100 professionals is organized into functional service departments which are typical of full service property management companies.

To better address the needs of its clients, Dirigo has established separate operating divisions within the company with very specific mission statements.  These divisions included the following:  DMC Painting & Remodeling; DMC Leasing and Brokerage; DMC Rental Program; and DMC Financing.

DMC Painting, Remodeling & Flooring

Started in 1997, DMC Painting was formed to better serve our clients and property owners by providing fast service at very competitive rates. Since it’s conception, DMC Painting, now DMC Painting & Remodeling, has developed into a full service company providing painting, carpentry, remodeling, and a wide variety of maintenance services.

With it’s talented staff and fleet of vehicles, DMC Painting & Remodeling is able to provide it’s many customers with fast and professional service. DMC Painting & Remodeling a division of Dirigo Management Company.

Address: 59 Sanford Drive Gorham, Maine 04038
Phone: (207) 856-1838
Fax: (207) 856-9719

DMC Rental Program

During recent years we have found that there are many different types of property owners who have estate management needs that we can fill.  Either because of current economic trends, or simply more people buying and holding real estate, owners of single family homes and condominiums are in need of customized but not in need for full property management. The DMC Rental Program is designed to meet the limited needs of owners such as leasing and rent collection at an expense that is less than the typical full property management fee which includes all aspects of management from leasing, financial administration, maintenance and capital repairs.

While we act as your agent in limited capacity, you as owner still have full control of the day to day operations. We are simply here to answer your needs as a property owner.

For more information on the DMC Rental Program, please contact Crystal Auger at (207) 871-1080 or email her at crystal@dirigomgmt.com

DMC Leasing and Brokerage

DMC Leasing & Brokerage provides professional  marketing and leasing services by four licensed real estate brokers supported by several administrative staff persons. Peter S. Skapinsky, CPM is the designated broker.  Dirigo does not do any tenant representation, instead Dirigo’s team of leasing professionals specifically focus on the company’s managed portfolio, serving as advocates for the owner.

DMC Financing

DMC Financing was established in 2010 as a means to assist our clients in addressing immediate property needs without exhausting all available reserve dollars.  DMC Financing offers clients that utilize DMC Painting & Remodeling the opportunity to amortize the expense over a 2, 3, 4 or even 5 year time period.  Specific qualifying criteria applies for existing clients that have an established business relationship with Dirigo for at least 12 months.