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Dirigo is a full service, third party management company. This means we provide leasing, accounting, and maintenance services to unrelated owners which results in a higher level of service to the property and to the tenant.

Dirigo recognizes the obvious – that without the tenant, there is no economic reason to own real estate! Therefore, Dirigo makes an extra effort to accommodate the needs of its commercial and residential tenants. Dirigo’s reputation as a tenant friendly management company sets it apart from all others. Dirigo’s attention to the details starts with the first telephone call. A live receptionist actually answers the telephone asking if she can help you – 24 hours a day! No answering machine asking you to select options if you wish to speak to a bookkeeper about your rent, a manager about your lease or a  maintenance technician about a problem in your unit.

Dirigo property managers conduct weekly inspections of their respective properties.  This policy helps ensure that the little maintenance issues in the common areas are addressed before they become big annoyances to the tenants. All Dirigo property managers are provided with cell telephones which means they are reachable even while conducting property inspections.

To assist new tenants in adapting to apartment living, all Dirigo managed apartment complexes have resident handbooks that review in detail the amenities of the property and in some cases the amenities of the surrounding area. Several residential properties have part time Resident Service Coordinators which assist tenants in locating needed social service and recreational resources.

In summary, the reason to rent an apartment or commercial space at a Dirigo managed property is because the service is all about you!