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1) Dirigo accepts responsibility for maintaining and repairing the physical plant according to the established standards of the Owner.

Dirigo will be pro-active in its physical plan management. For example, DIRIGO will be constantly looking at ways to improve the physical appearance, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and extend the useful life of all building components.

2) Dirigo will prepare an annual operating plan for maintenance and repair to be scheduled weekly, monthly or other basis and include provisions to meet nonscheduled and emergency needs. This annual plan of operation will include a schedule of staff work and contractor evaluations. The operating plan is part of the preparation of the annual operating budget.

3) To implement operations plan, Dirigo will utilize a dedicated on site facility/maintenance technician as well as outside contractors.  Outside contractors will be required to provide proof of adequate insurance coverage. All Dirigo personnel (management and/or maintenance) are covered by Dirigo’s General Liability Insurance Policy.

4) Dirigo will designate a Partner in Charge for each commercial and residential property within its managed portfolio.  The Partner In Charge will oversee the management of the property and will meet the selected property manager as a means of monitoring the operation of the property as well as evaluating personnel assigned to the property.

Property inspections by the selected manager will be conducted on a recurring basis (sometimes weekly other times monthly).  Such inspections are helpful to Dirigo in preparing short and long term property improvement recommendations, ensuring adherence to the integrity of the architectural and landscaping design of the property, and evaluating major maintenance needs.

5) Dirigo will assist in preparing maintenance service contracts and supervising the work of contractors.  The maintenance management entails the following tasks:

a) Preparation of bid specifications, evaluation of bids, preparation of contractor       recommendations.

b) Discussion with contractors about scope of work, how to resolve problems discovered in the field.

c) Preparation of service contracts for review by Partner in Charge.

d) Maintain list of qualified contractors/vendors for the property (i.e. proof of insurance, etc.)